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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Bed of Pain

God speaks to us in many ways, one of them, noted in scripture, is The bed of pain.

I have been home for over a week with severe Bronchitus. It is very similar to the time I had pneumonia. I have been stuck in the house, alone most of the time, with no one to talk to but cats. Now cats ARE wonderful companions but they are a little bit selfish and lazy. They never bring me breakfast or lunch or any other meal in bed, or any of the other accouterments of a good nurse.

So, as in most of my life, if there is a significant change, i look up and say "Why God? What are You doing? What do you want from me?".

This time HE took his time letting me know(or was it me not listening...). But I am starting to get the message, that He wants more of my time and to make some course corrections.

I really wish i was not so dense and heard His voice without the "bed of pain" but I am not....Sigh...

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