Roasted honey red stretch

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Its been a while.... In the past year i lost three of my cats. Sassy, the one mentioned here, then my beloved 3 year old Alex, who got crystals in his urine and suffered, for several weeks before I could not do anything but put him down poor dear. Then later in January of this year my 10 year old Anya was diagnosed with in operablecancer in her jaw. It was only 10 days later that her poor jaw was red and bloody and she  went on to cat heaven in my arms. 

This left us with only my little 3 year old Kit Kat, so i eventually went on a search for a companion for her to replace her beloved Alex. 

In March, a good friend contacted a lady at church who had a foundling kitty, this became my little Hudson, he was about 10 months old when we adopted him. 

Next, a lady at work begged me to take her big tabby Rufus off her hands, he was also 10 months old but twice the size of Hudson. They were fast friends! 

The Big Mac