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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You love to the degree you're willing to sacrifice for the one you love. -- Fr. John Corapi

I would say that if you do not understand who God really is but claim to worship Him, you are actually worshiping a false God.

God is love, but what is love? It is NOT feelings of attraction or lust. God is LOVE and so HE defines love, His actions ARE love, His works are from love and can be no other. If He allows suffering, it is love, that motivates Him. If He allows us our free will it is because of His love. To love is to be like God. Love lays down ones life for another, love sacrifices all for the beloved.

God gave us His very best, His ONLY BEGOTTEN(not made) Son. He allowed Him to suffer and to die, for us.

To call the silly selfish desires that we have to keep someone ours so that we might feel good is not love. Love desires what is best for the Beloved.

I have a friend that God called called to Him recently, This was out of God's love. And though her husband suffers loss and her children miss her dearly, this too is love.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My most popular post

About a year and a half ago i was on a futile search for the name of a song that i loved. I thought the name was from the Chorus You made me alive, But it is not! The song is called Gift of God made popular by Justin Rizzo. I have found that many people all over the place have been searching for this song also, which says to me that it has a real anointing of the Holy Spirit on it. So since I have had more hits for that original post, than any other on my blog, i am reposting the song here.


The Big Mac