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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Holy Spirit's Choice
It seems like everybody is chiming in on their favorite choice for pope these days. I have read profiles of various cardinals and thought that I would personally prefer one or another. 

But the spirit inside me has called for calm. I think that if we are praying, of course I have adopted a Cardinal and pray for him pretty much daily, God will not abandon His Church! 

Don't panic and have your towel on hand... ok you probably will not have to hitch a ride on the next spaceship that passes, yet.  However, when the cry becomes "Habemus Papam" in the Vatican Square, and you find out that the Cardinals did not elect your favorite man, be patient and trust God. After all, each of these men have lead large groups of parishes in the past with diverse congregations. Some traditional and some liberal. They have had to be diplomats, statesmen and confessors, they were ordained as shepherds of God's flock and whoever they are, they must be gravely humbled to accept this office. 

He, whoever he is, has just spent a number of days in prayer, seeking God's will and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Let us seek God in that same humility and submission to the will of the Father. He will take care of us! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

I got an opportunity to speak with a young lady today outside the abortion clinic. We were there to peacefully pray and be available if anyone wants help. It is a program called 40 Days For Life (see below for more information), She wanted to know what we believed and if we were Catholic, I invited her to our parish, because she said she grew up Catholic. I made sure she knew it was all about LOVE, love for the moms, love for the babies  love for the staff at the clinic. We wish for all to be saved and to live! 

We offer alternatives, support, and love!

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