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Friday, April 11, 2008


Concerning MakeMeaSpark

MakeMeaSpark probably came from the old Christian Camp song "It only takes a Spark". The gist of the song is that it only takes a spark to get a fire going. Google it and you will see what it is really talking about. In my life, I have found that as the singer Misty Edwards says, The only safe place is in the Center of the flame. She means the flame of God's love. I have found this to be true in my life. Though there are many times when i feel scorched, by it, i seek the peace and comfort of drawing close to God. I began this journey as a disaffected Catholic who found God more interesting in Protestant worship and music.

At age 18 I was challenged by my sister to choose a church and stick with it, and after some prayer I felt that I should remain Catholic, and be salt and light in the Church. I really felt that the Church needed reform and I could help. Well what I have discovered(mostly in the flames), is that I need the Church.

As I have made Holy Scripture my delight and my life's study, It has drawn me closer to the Church also. Scripture for me, is life, and at first I naively believed that protestants had more of that life. Here again I was wrong. Though my theologian friend, who is much wiser than I, insists that Catholics are not a people of the Book. I am a person of the book. I live for Scripture, The Bible sustains me, animates me, and grants me wisdom. If I accomplish nothing else in this life, I will memorize all of the book of psalms. I have found a patron saint in this endeavor in Harriet Tubman.

So this blog is dedicated to the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ and his Word to Mankind, contained in the Holy Scriptures.

Yes i said mankind, this should tell you a bit about me also.

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