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Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

You may think this post is late in coming. Its not. I have lots of time. Easter, for Catholics, is so important it is our longest holiday of the year, it has a preparation period of 40 days of reflection and penitence, then one week of commemoration(holy Week), and now we are in the 50 days of Easter, which ends at Pentecost.

During Lent we sing no Alleluias, During Easter we sing them all the time. We just finished yesterday the Octave of Easter, eight days of readings surrounding the events of Easter itself. Yesterday was considered both "Doubting Thomas Sunday" and "Divine Mercy Sunday". The first for the gospel reading that we read on that day, the upper room visits of Jesus, first without poor maligned Thomas, and then with him and his profession of faith.

Divine Mercy Sunday has a number of meanings, but primarily celebrates the Mercy of God in granting us forgiveness for our sins.

So Happy Easter.

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