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Sunday, May 24, 2009

We are not Obama Haters

There may be some misunderstanding among those who see this blog and others who have strong opposition to the President being honored at Notre Dame. This is NOT about hating Obama, the man.

To hate President Obama would be almost as wrong as killing the unborn. Our opposition is to the culture of death, that is being furthered by this man's policies. It has no place being honored at a Catholic Institution, and our Bishops have already said this. Specifically forbidden the giving of honors to politicians who are anti life. And Yes Obama is Anti life!

In case you have been sleeping since the election, within a very very short time after the election the president started implementing the promises he has made to Planned Parenthood that would increase their profits and further their annihilation of poor minority children. He started with the rescinding of the Mexico City policy, which forbade the use of American monies to kill the unborn in foreign lands. This policy is estimated to have saved the lives of several million babies since its implementation.

Next, the President, in a purely political move, authorized the use of taxpayer monies to fund completly unnecessary research on live human embryos to harvest thier stem cells. This research is unnecessary because of breakthroughs in stem cell research that prove that no infants need be killed to further the noble cause of stem cell research.

In his march to aid profits for the death mongers at abortion mills Obama has started removing restrictions to abortions which help women wait a bit and think through the implications of killing thier own child. In addition he has made plans to do away with parental notification for abortions, a law that protects young women from major surjical procedures without proper background history for the medical caregivers. This law helps save the lives of the mothers-to-be.

Think about it, when a lady becomes pregnant she is considered a mom-to-be, doesn't that say that we know there is a baby in her womb? When pro-abortionists promote thier cause they say that they want to help make abortion less common? WHY? If it is just a blob of tissue then who cares? But if it is, after all, as scientists tell us, the taking of life, which exists from the moment of first cell division, then yes it should be rare!

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