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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Life Dilemma

Here is the BIG QUESTION: To euthanize or not?

Let me 'splain. 

So i am VERY pro-life, BUT I have this 20-year old cat. 

She has been a wonderful and faithful companion for twenty years! I owe her a lot for being there during all the hard times, lowering my blood pressure and bringing lots of companionship, laughter and love into the lives of my children and I. 

She wheezes when she breathes now. Her feet are misshapen and probably arthritic. Take her to the vet you say? Well even IF the vet took food stamps I am currently out of them and will not get more for a week. Now the poor dear has a weepy eye and seems almost deaf. 

There has been some talk with friends that there may be a Humane society clinic Where i can take her and turn her in. But i will feel like a traitor on SO many levels. What should I do? 


aiza said...

It would be wonderful if I could have a faithful companion cat for 20 years:)

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