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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being Presidential or Being Ashamed

So, two days ago terrorists stormed our Embassy in Cairo Egypt, tore down the flag of our Sovereign Nation, desecrated it and replaced it with their own terrorist flag. 


O say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 

NO! It was taken down 3 1/2 years ago when a man took office who is not proud of that flag, who is not looking out for our freedoms. Who is not protecting the lives of the weak and the innocent. Who does not stand for the freedom and democracy that made this nation great!. 

I am sorry, I was proud that we could elect an African American to be our president. I was proud that we could all share in that historic event. But also, i was cautious. There were signs that this man was not presidential material all along the campaign trail. 

I researched him on my own. I was curious, I wanted to get behind the movement to elect him. Hearing that he was an advocate of  the so-called Pro-Choice crowd, i was alert that all may not be as it should be. Then I heard the kind of hate filled preaching that he has been subjected to for many years and seemed to support. Then i heard that he consorted with known terrorists. 

I hunted for articles on him and found one in the Chicago Sun-Times about a man, reputed to be a mafia member, named Tony Rezko who had been indicted, at the time for some dirty tricks in Chicago. I read that this Tony Rezko bought a piece of property for Mr. then-citizen Obama for over a Million dollars and sold the parcel that Mr. Obama wanted to him for much less money and took a significant financial loss by keeping the worthless portion of the land for himself. Hmmm. "Does this mean that Mr. Obama owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Rezko?" I asked myself. 

I tried to speak out about this but who am I? Just a single mom in a medium sized city with no importance. I was a grain of sand hitting a giant wall. 

I sat and watched what this man would do after all the celebration at his inaugurationI . I saw him make abortions MORE available around the world and offer MY tax money to use for them. I was heartbroken for the little ones. 

Then, I watched him woo the weak in faith in my own Roman Catholic Church into his fold. Then I watched as he attacked the foundation of our faith here in the United States, Our Catholic Hospitals, the Knights of Columbus( who provide Catholic Insurance), even our very Bishops who stood up to him for our true teachings. I was proud of our Bishops but heartbroken for our Church and our nation. 

Now I am ashamed, ashamed that our flag was not defended in Egypt. Ashamed that a man who gave his life for the Foreign Service died with a mob of  hatred around him. I am ashamed that one man stood up and was PRESIDENTIAL and defended our flag and our nation and now he is being browbeaten for it. I am ashamed of our media. 

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