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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Economy

It's obvious to me that the problems with the economy stem from 9/11/01.

I worked in the Home Improvement industry, and busness was just starting to roll that fall, and that day started out with promise. As the events unfolded on that day the store went dead. And the Fall Home Improvement Season never re-started that year.

The terrorists wanted to hurt us, as badly as possible, and the reverberations have been rippling outward ever since.

The following February we were just on the cusp of the Spring Home Improvement season and it looked promising again, as many people were feeling like they could resume thier lives from the fall.

Then we went to war in Afganistan. People held thier breath. We earnestly wanted to capture Bin Laden in that opening wave of fighting. The spring season was bitten with sober thought. Not as bad as 9/11 but still dampened.

On the national scene, travel and tourism industries had been gravely harmed by the terrorists and that was having its own ripple. As we have ground along, it seems to me that the ripples of 9/11 continue to hurt our economy, the fear and mistrust and divisiveness only stirred and made worse by politicians who undermine all that we are working towards with blaming and divisiveness.

All of the above has also been grievously exacerbated by the liberal media in conjunction with Hollywood who whittle away at our feelings of security and respect for our leaders.

When I was young, A president was respected and behaved respectfully just because he was the President, regardless of who voted for or against him. If we had been supportive of our president after 9/11 and Hurricanes Rita and Katrina and worked together to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem we would all be better off and more secure now.

Lets elect an honorable Military man for President and a hard working, sensible Christian lady for Vice President!


Andrew Clarke said...

It's good to hear from you. I agree with what you say here, though I wouldn't make it my business to comment on the U.S. election because that is something citizens of the U.S. have greater right to talk about than outsiders. Your comment on my blog brings back recollections of some experiences I've had at times - like just not being able to think clearly! And to rub salt into the cut, someone acts as if you're just not trying hard enough! I'm glad that you have friends who stand by you. I said a short prayer that you will be uplifted and know more good days than bad. As you say, sometimes we go through wretched bleak times and it shows us what it's like, so that we can know how others are feeling properly and help them. If you're called to counselling then the pain you've gone through makes you empathetic with the people you're reaching out to. Still, knowing that does not make it easy to go through! Please keep in touch, it's good to hear your views.

Andrew Clarke said...

I re-read your comment and I just had to say: I've taken some of the same things (valerian and St Johns Wort) and they help. All good things come from God, including the knowledge to use them. May I offer congratulations on achieving a Master's degree, by the way. That must have taken some work! Best wishes.

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