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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Pelosi Debacle

Ok here I am throwing my hat into the ring on Speaker Pelosi's comments on Meet the Press.

Last Sunday Speaker Pelosi made some misleading and ignorant comments about the Catholic Church stance on when life begins. I have nothing against the lady, myself, I don't like to condemn anyone or be against anyone. But I have to stand up for the truth. The truth was misrepresented in her comments and needs addressing.

Some charitable Catholic bloggers/commentators have noted that Pelosi may have done the best she could with an unexpected question for which she was obviously seriously unprepared.

BUT, that does not free her from the blood-guilt of unborn children who have been murdered senselessly becuase of her choices as a Congressperson.

Question for you Speaker Pelosi? What do you call a lady who is pregnant?

Most people I know call her a mom or a mom to be. WHY? Becasue we all know that what is going to come out of her body is a baby. When did it become a baby? Is there some magic moment when it becomes a baby? at birth? Is that at nine months then? what about a test tube "baby". We call IT a baby? hmmmmm. why?

When we teach children about how they grew inside their mothers uterus, we call it the development of a "baby" don't we? That's because even young children know that there is no magic moment when the cells become a baby.

Once the miracle of sperm and egg come together and cell division occurs the "baby" has everything it needs to be a human but nourishment to grow. If something is wrong with the umbilical chord or Uterine sack then we worry about the "baby" and intervene medically to save the child.

If a murderer kills a pregnant woman and the unborn child dies, we call it a baby or child, do we not? That is because in our heart of hearts we KNOW it is a child.

SO my point of view is not very scientific, others can give you lots of the scientific argument, I am telling you that when a woman looses a "baby" to a miscarriage, she and the father mourn the loss. not of some cells, but of their unborn child.

Let us as a society mourn the loss of our innocence and integrity and repent of the horrible deeds we, corporately are guilty of in murdering these children since 1973, lets start our healing process as a nation and support those who were victims of this crime by teaching them that every child is a "wanted" child!



Andrew Clarke said...

I agree absolutely! This is a brilliant post. The human identity begins at the moment of conception because, if people want to get scientific about it, the individual's identity is determined from that point. The moment of conception is when the baby's gender is fixed, their future eye colour, hair colour, inherited personality and character traits, and all else that makes them individual. They only need to develop according to the human identity they already have. In that regard they are exactly the same as a month old post natal child: they can't surive alone, but they are already the same individual they will be as long as they live.It shows the human capacity for self-serving deceit that anyone can deny that. The way you put this highly convincing, too. I came back to your post to thank you for your compliments and encouraging comments, and ran right into one of the best things I've seen in days. Blessings to you and your family.

makemeaspark ~>----- said...

Thanks Andrew, I appreciate your comments also. I heartily agree, that to decide that a baby is just a blob of tissue takes an awful lot of ignoring scientific knowledge that they taught us in school.

Do you think that sex ed classes tell you that you have all the ingredients to make a good citizen, tax payer and worker at the point of conception? Of course not, even from the sociologists viewpoint abortion does not make sense, becuase in 18 years that is going to be one less, person to work at a menial job, go to college and be a consumer of cars and other consumer goods.

Just think that those first children aborted in 1978 and since then, would now be contributing to the economy in large numbers and we would have many more cars to sell and people to buy clothes and go on vacations and go to college.

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