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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ever meet someone who is stuck in a paradigm? If that is all a person knows it is far easier for them to fall into the groove of their lives and continue with what they are accustomed.

For instance one young lady that i know is stuck in rebellion. If life is too calm for her, she rebels, and it is not turning out well for her at all. She has kicked the proverbial door too many times and it is all coming down around her.

I also know a man who is so used to failure and rejection that he cannot seem to pull up out of that rut. My image is of the pilots in that first star wars movie making their bombing runs at the death star, one of the wing men informs the other fighter that the enemy is on his tail, and yells "pull up! pull UP!" but the man is already in the furrow and already has set in his mind the mission and he dies trying.

It is good to keep your eye on the goal, and even to die trying, for a noble purpose. However it does not bless God to refuse His love, or His gifts, in fact in the long run many good things for the kingdom are probably not accomplished because people refuse God's gifts or refuse to use them.

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Andrew Clarke said...

You're quite right, I reckon. Perseverence is only a virtue when you stick at something good. It can be tragic and self-destructive when someone sees it as ignoble surrender to give up a bad approach to life. They virtually say "This is me and it's how I've got to be" and it's taking them nowhere good at all. It gives us a lot to pray about. I admire the actions you describe in your comment on my blog. There is a time to tell people that they have GOT to change their approach, because of their effect on others. I wish you well in becoming a counsellor. The need is there! Blessings.

The Big Mac