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Monday, October 20, 2008

You Made me alive

Today's first reading for mass from Eph 2:1-10 reminded me of a favorite song, and therefore i uploaded my playlist. But I could NOT find the song that I really now have on my heart, from this scripture. And I cannot recall the artist.

here are the lyrics:

As for me I was dead in my transgressions,
I was bound to my sin,
bound to condemnation,

As for me I was the object of His wrath,
Fully deserving of death,
Fully deserving of death,

But you saw me there,
because of Your great love,
You saw me there because you're rich in mercy,

You saw me there
because of Your great love
You saw me there because you're rich in mercy,

And you made me alive,
when I was dead,
You raised me up,
and seated my with Christ,
And By Your Grace,
I am saved,
and its through faith
Its the very gift of God.
Yeah oh yeah

repeat all....

update: this song is called Gift of God by Justin Rizzo! I will get it on my playlist As soon as available


Susanna said...

My husband & I absolutely love that song!!! We heard it on the internet radio, so are not sure of the artist either, but I figured out the chords & we've been playing it, but would love to know the name of the writer or artist. Please email me if you find out! Thanks so much!! And may you continue to walk fully alive in Christ!

Felecia said...
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Felecia said...

the song is Gift of God by Justin Rizzo

makemeaspark said...

Thanks Felecia, I did find that out eventually and should have come back here to edit this post. I emailed Susanna and let her know the name also!

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