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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Theology 101

I am spending some time learning a bit of Theology. I have neglected this part of my spiritual growth for many years as i always thought that i was too ADD to read that stuff. A very good friend has spent about a year challenging my under-worked brain in this area, and going to college has helped me hunger for knowledge of this also. The college i chose to finish my Bachelors is a Christian Free Methodist University. So our curriculum includes a lot of Christian thought and we are free to quote the bible and Christian ideas. Even though I am Catholic, that has not been a problem for me as I have a great love for Scripture and have a good knowledge of it. We dabbled a bit into basic Theology and philosophy in a couple classes.

Right now I am reading a delightful book called "Man and Woman in Christian Perspective" by Werner Neuer. I suspect that it is far easier reading than the much lauded "Man and Woman in Christ" By Stephen B. Clark, even though he is Catholic. I don't think i am ready for anything that heady.

Though I am familiar with the concept of man being the head of the family as shown in Genesis this writer digs much deeper and it is amazing stuff. For instance He points out that a man named J.T. Walsh came up with the theory that God has four levels of Authority in Creation. The first is of course God, then man, next is woman, and last the animals. He brings out that God only spoke to Adam about His regulation to not eat from the tree in the "midst of the garden", in Eden. Additionally he points out that when Adam and Eve fell into sin, God came to Adam about it. He had given the regulation to Adam and He held Adam accountable.

The sin had reversed the authority structure in creation. Woman had obeyed the serpent and man obeyed woman. Walsh also points out that in God's judgment that He specifically restored this order again. Telling woman that he will place the serpent under her feet and that she will desire to submit herself to her husband again.

Of course we know that the fulfillment of this prophecy is in Our lady and her submission to God that brings about the Incarnation of Christ.


jeleasure said...

Hi Sparks,
First, I want to say that I do not have your link hosted in my side bar on my page. I recall wanting to ask if you would like to have your link hosted in my side bar and if you would host a link to my page from yours. However, I do not remember if I asked.
I'm going to post your link on my sidebar because it is easier for me to know when you have posted a new blog. Also, when I get really busy, all I need to do is look to see what has updated in the side bar. This serves as a reminder to pay a visit.
I have several theological ideas. Many I have not written on. However, I do think you may be interested in my latest. I wrote on Works and Salvation. I believe you will find it of interest because I used to argue with a Catholic friend of mine. In my arguement, I would refute works as a necessity. Now, I think I explain it better than she did. Here is the link: Journaling For Growth: On Works and Salvation .
I would greatly appreciate your comments, as my explanation is in need of some support.
You may also like the music I recently added.
By the way. I've been wanting to check out the newest music you have on your player. But, I can't scroll down because the slide is off of the page. Can you put your player in the footer of your page? That way, the titles and slide can be seen.

makemeaspark said...

Thanks for the suggestion to put the player in the footer--hadn't thought of that! I tried several codes just to get what i got on the sidebar.

I appreciate the suggestion and have implemented it.Thanks for all your input brother!

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