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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Testimony of a sort...

I have a pretty decent "testimony"(how I met the Lord and gave my life to Him and returned to the Church of my youth), it involves drugs and depression and suicidal thoughts and a dramatic turn a round from life for myself and the world to life fully lived for God.

But I have come to believe that my real testimony is that God can "cover a multitude of sins", or lots of foolish mistakes. A case in point is the way that God continually covers for my forgetfulness and ADD.

Recently I took some of my precious Christmas money from my mom and indulged in purchasing two bottles of clearance bubble bath at Bath and Body Works in the mall where i work one of my jobs. I took it back to work with me and randomly, without thinking, left it sitting on a counter near the cloak room. About two days later i came in to work and asked after my package, noting that i had probably just sat it down somewhere and meant to have our staff put it aside for me but forgot. They had a Bath and Body Works sack in the lost and found and surrendered it to me. I got all the way home before i realized that it was not mine. Someone had purchased some hand lotions and an expensive looking face cream. I returned it to work the next day and explained that this was not mine. In the meantime the customer had picked up my sack and now had my purchase.

I asked about the package several times to find that as of last week the lotions sack had been picked up but mine was not returned. I assumed that i would never see it again and i was out my tiny widows mite for my little indulgence...sad.

On Monday of this week I left my lunch sack behind in the cloak room with my new leather mittens( a birthday gift from a sister in Christ), two pop cans(an important form of income at our house :-)) and a LIBRARY BOOK! I was really worried about being picked up by the library police most of all! All kidding aside, I cannot afford to pay for a lost book, especially with the two missing cans not in my income...

When i next went back to work, i inquired about all of the above, no luck. I searched the cloak room and opened all the unlocked lockers. no luck. Yesterday, when i mentioned to Lindsey, my coworker, at the lost and found desk, about my now lost mittens and book, she remarked "OH yes, someone returned your Bath and Body Works Bag! Now that was funny because I had started earnestly praying ONLY for the return of the book and mittens. The two most important lost items. I scanned the cloak room again for that lost package, thinking i had just missed a spot and still nothing.

When i went to go home last night, late, I looked one more time wistfully for my sack, with my Bath and Body Works sack happily in my hands. AND THERE WAS my sack under the original chair that i sat it on Monday night. I had searched under that chair several times!

To top all this, this morning I could not find my wallet. I went to work without it, trusting i would not get pulled over for anything. When I had been at work almost an hour a lady from the early freight team let me know that she had found my wallet sitting on the chair in the CLOAK ROOM this morning(it was fine, and all money and cards intact)! God truly watches over the foolish and the silly. He is ever faithful to us even when we are not faithful to HIM.


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