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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tortured by Despair

Torture, that is what depression that has degraded all the way to despair does to a person. Torquemada could not do as good a job on the body as despair does to the mind. I have observed this firsthand. People who are unable to prosper in life becuase of this inner torture. It is as painstaking to watch as the torturer works someone over with despair, stripping them of the will to live,love and laugh. You cringe, you try to reason with them, you attempt to pull them out of it. But a wise friend of mine pointed out to me long ago that people with a pile of old junk in their possession will cling fearcly to it because it is their pile of junk and it is familiar and they cannot see anything else over their pile.

Our problems can loom so large that we cannot see the pot of gold the Lord Has for us becuase of them.

I just read in a novel that a cynic is a frustrated idealist. When i googled it, i found that many people quote this but no one ascribes it to anyone. I think it is true though. It seems as if all cynics i have met are actually tenderhearted souls who have been gravely squelched.

The world is a cruel place suited best for politicians with Teflon exteriors. I certainly don't think that i will lack for work when i receive my masters in counseling. But can i really make a difference, that is the real question? Can I pry the junk out of a frustrated idealists hands and hand him a pot of gold? Perhaps with the help of the almighty. For nothing is impossible with God.

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