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Friday, February 6, 2009


Is that a word?

Love my new group. Randomly, i ran into an old aquaintance from around the diocese on a Catholic web site, and messaged him hello. We struck up a bit of a conversation and he mentioned that he was doing the music at a local parish on Sunday evenings with a band. I mentioned that i was a strong vocalist looking for a gig. He then asked if i could practice friday nights and I can.

Sometimes my life just does not cooperate with Choir or mass times for Church very well and i am catch as catch can. But lately my boss at my one job has had mercy on my giving me virtually every sunday off. Which is has been pretty much unheard of in my life for the past 12 years except for a period of unemployment in 2006(for about 7 months). And i am free on all the scheduled friday nights coming up.

So i started tonight and love it. The leader of the band is firm but kind--i need that as i can make mistakes but can also be hard on myself. The musicians are awesome and talented and the boss has a way of bringing out the best in everybody. He also is a talented songwriter. We are doing some of his songs and they are very good. And he coordinated all the songs with the scriptures for this week very nicely.

This song is one i have only had rare exposure to but I am starting to love it.

Pax Christi Tibi(to quote the most intelligent man i know)

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