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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who said..

"No parent should ever have to choose between
work and family; between earning a decent wage and
caring for a child.”~Bill Clinton(you were thinking Mother Theresa weren't you?)


Andrew Clarke said...

I think this statement is absolutely right! In Australia at the moment there is a move towards paid maternity leave so that women who want to have children are not forced to forego or delay doing so by economic demands. We live in a society, not just an economy. By the way, the counter on your site monitoring the rate of child deaths from abortion is a very powerful witness. Blessings. God be with you.

makemeaspark said...

Thanks you can have one just click on it.

I was thinking that the Clinton quote has an anti-abortion message too.


jeleasure said...

Andrews comment is interesting in that we also are making a move toward maternity leave for career woman. The other interesting thing we share with Austrailia is the pretentious facade of caring for the sanctity of life, while all the while, unborn babies are being slaughtered.

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makemeaspark said...

Oh thanks for letting me know Jim. I have just been going through some personal stuff lately

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