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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Greatest of Gifts!

My sin has taught me something! When i chose to refrain from partaking of the gift of the Holy Eucharist because I was not in a state of grace, I learned a little bit of a yearning for God. A hunger for the God's most precious gift to humanity grew in me.

Once I was reconciled to God through the gift of Confession and absolution, the Bread, that only HE can give was more precious to me. Now my eyes are more open to see the REAL FOCUS of the mass. Not music, which i love, and long to partake in! Not liturgy, that holds our attention so much at times! Not even the homily or the scripture that is so precious to me!

It is the Very Gift of God, that by a miracle of grace becomes bread and wine, that we may consume, the very Life of Jesus Christ!

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